I Want to Be a Genderless Alien!

Playing Man Wants to Become a Genderless Alien?

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

23-year-old Vinny has spent tens of thousands of dollars on plastic surgery and other alterations to his appearance in an effort to become a genderless alien.

“I’m going to openly acknowledge that when I read your story, there’s some confusion,” ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork tells Vinny. Vinny explains, “Starting my journey to become this genderless, sexless alien was brought about because in my communities, in the queer and gay community and the trans community, I found myself not really connecting with either.”

He continues, “I’ve looked into removing my genitals completely with different doctors, like a sexual unassignment. No nipples, I’ve looked into removing my belly button, just to give it that sci-fi, sexy kind of like look.” He also hopes that because these surgeries are rare, he’s giving doctors a chance to practice and get better at performing them.

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“I’m happy to report that people have said no to you, right?” Plastic Surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon interjects. Vinny says that doctors “get a little scared and nervous” about performing some of the surgery he wants. However, he’s looking at having the procedures done overseas.

“Have the surgeons there done it?” Ob/Gyn Dr. Nita Landry asks. “I know they say they’ll do it for you, but have they done it for anyone else?” Vinny replies, “I haven’t asked if they’ve done it.”

Psychotherapist Dr. Mike Dow joins the conversation. “It really concerns me when you talk about going overseas,” he tells Vinny. “Any good physician in America is going to want you to meet with somebody like me for a year, get a second opinion.”

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He’s concerned that with these irreversible procedures, Vinny may face regrets. Vinny agrees, “Absolutely!” He worries that he may have second thoughts in his 60s. He does say that he has someone he talks to about his concerns who can support him.

“Sex is between your legs – gender is rooted in your brain,” concludes Dr. Dow. “But the brain is also very complex, and we have to see what this is really about.”