A Closet Makeover for 'Lose Your Belly Diet' Success Story

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Playing ‘The Lose Your Belly Diet’: Closet Intervention!

Brenda got in great shape with ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork’s “ Lose Your Belly Diet ” – but she was left with nothing to wear! Now celebrity stylist Orly Shani helps her shop her own closet for outfits that show off her sleek new look.

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“I started the ‘Lose Your Belly Diet’ eight months ago,” Brenda says. “I lost 20 pounds and 4 inches off my waist. Being able to keep the weight off is what really set this diet apart.” She’s maintained her new weight for half a year! But now, she says, “I’m pretty much sure I have to get rid of everything in my closet.”

Orly’s first trick – tuck! A shirt looks boxy worn loose, but it shows off Brenda’s slender waist when it’s tucked into a skirt. She also recommends adding a light, flowy jacket to take clothes in fall colors into summer. Cuffed pants elongate the line of the leg.

“There’s a lot of pieces her that you can get tailored slightly,” Orly points out. “You just need to start getting creative with what’s already in that closet.”

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“I feel great in my skin again,” Brenda tells Dr. Stork. She explains a typical meal – lots of veggies, a measured portion of brown rice, and black beans for protein. “One of the reasons you’ve been so successful at not feeling hungry,” he responds, “are the prebiotics – the high-fiber foods we have here. They help you feel full, but they also provide fuel for those good little gut bacteria. We now know that lean people have more diverse gut bacteria.”

Dr. Stork adds that losing belly fat is the most important from a health perspective – and that’s where Brenda lost the most. She’s going into this summer looking AND feeling great.

“The Lose Your Belly Diet" is published by Ghost Mountain Books, which is owned, in part, by The Doctors’ executive producer.