Dr. Travis Gets a Makeover -- For His Office!

Playing Dr. Travis’ Office Makeover!

ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork has been occupying the same office at The Doctors studio for nearly 10 years – and it’s showing its age. When he wants to relax his back, for instance, he ends up lying on the floor. “It probably could use a little upgrade,” he confesses.

It’s not just an aesthetic problem -- “The spaces we spend time in do have a major impact on our well-being,” says Dr. Stork. Fortunately, Leura from the design firm Laurel & Wolf is here to give his workspace a fresh new look.

Watch: Seductive Table for Two

When she’s done, Dr. Stork is amazed. “Holy cow!” he exclaims. There’s a new standing desk, photos of the great outdoors and of his beloved dog Nala, and a chaise longue where he can stretch his back without lying on a towel on the floor. “I am so, so excited!” he says.

Dr. Stork tells Leura one of his favorite things about the office re-do is how much more light there is in space. He feels more energetic and cheerful now! “If I’ve ever been grumpy onstage, it’s probably just my office’s fault,” he laughs.

Watch: Plants and Mirrors

The takeaway? Never underestimate how much better a makeover can make you feel -- whether it's your look or your living spaceFor more information on interior design, visit their website and enter the code "LWDOCTORS" for a special discount. Expires May 31, 2017.