A Bon Voyage Party for Breasts!?

Playing A Farewell Party for a Woman’s Breasts?

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

Almost any event is a great excuse to throw a party – but how about one to say goodbye to your breasts? When she learned she needed to undergo a double mastectomy, Andy Sealy of Philadelphia threw a “ta-ta to my tatas” party so friends and family wouldn’t feel sorry for her or awkward about discussing the surgery.

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“These ‘bye-bye boobies’ parties are not uncommon,” says Breast Surgeon Dr. Kristi Funk. Many of her mastectomy patients have thrown them and she’s attended a few – complete with breast cupcakes and other trappings. “It turns something unexpected and something unwelcome and mournful in a woman’s life into something that brings family and friends together to celebrate their life.”

Andy took it a step further and encouraged party guests to feel the lump in her breasts so they would recognize what a tumor felt like. Dr. Funk cautions, though, that “Breast cancers, unfortunately, aren’t just in one shape or size – but that is one shape and size. And now all the women at that party (and maybe some men!) know what that shape and size feels like. It’s empowering!”

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The Doctors wish Andy all the best.