Has Angie Recovered from her Plastic Surgery Nightmare?

Playing I Survived a Plastic Surgery Nightmare

The following material contains graphic images that may be disturbing. Parents are advised that these images may not be suitable for young children.

Almost 2 million people underwent plastic surgery last year in the U.S. – but reportedly almost 20 percent of them may not be happy with the results. Angie visited The Doctors last year because she was devastated by the results of her surgery to remove excess skin. Now she’s back to share how she’s doing today.

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Angie weighed around 400 pounds throughout most of her adult life. She spent three years eating well and exercising and lost nearly 300 pounds. But she was left with excess skin on her arms – and when she had it removed, the surgeon took too much skin. Angie suffered from chronic pain, scarring, and nerve damage. She couldn’t even lift her arms to wash her hair. “I felt like a new person. Now I feel like nothing,” she says.

About a year ago, The Doctors sent Angie to Plastic Surgeon Dr. Matthew Smith, who performed surgery to lessen her scarring and pain. The initial intervention went well, but Angie needed follow-up massage and physical therapy, and Dr. Smith hoped to perform a second corrective surgery.

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Now Angie is back! She reveals that not only does she look and feel better -- she’s beaten a dependency on pain pills she developed after the botched surgery. “I feel amazing!” she says. “Without this show and everybody included here, I would not be here today.” Her husband, Joel, echoes her thanks. “I’m glad to have my wife back!”
Dr. Smith explains that the second surgery allowed him to remove the original skin graft and diminish Angie’s scarring.

To show off her arms and enjoy the summer weather, Angie is receiving a surprise – a new summer wardrobe from Adrianna Papell! And she’ll have somewhere to wear those glamorous new clothes, because The Buccaneer in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, is providing an all-inclusive weeklong “honeymoon” so Angie and Joel can celebrate their nine-year anniversary in style.