Psychic Lawyer Mark Anthony Tackles Unsolved Murder Case

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Playing Lawyer Uses Psychic Abilities to Solve Cases?

Psychic medium and lawyer Mark Anthony joins The Doctors to talk about his unique mix of legal acumen and uncanny abilities.

“Both jobs deal with evidence,” he explains. “As an attorney, you have to have evidence to prove your case in court. And as a psychic medium, I have to present evidence which is transmitted to me from a spirit to the recipient, which can be verified.”

Mark claims that in his new book, “Evidence of Eternity,” he takes mediumship “into the 21st century, based on science, theoretical physics, human physiology, and evidence.” Science and religion, he says, are not mutually exclusive.

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Being psychic gives me insights. It does not make me all-knowing and all-seeing,” he adds. “I tell people I’m a medium, I’m not a messiah.”

Legally, a psychic revelation is considered hearsay and is not admissible in court, but Mark says that it can point police in the right direction to uncover concrete evidence. He agrees to put his powers to work for the family of Allison, who was murdered two years ago in a brutal unsolved crime. Now her father and cousin are looking for answers.

“We may never know why it was done, but we’d like to know who and we’d like that person punished,” says Allison’s father, Harley. He and Allison’s cousin Jodi meet with Mark for a reading. He asks about impressions he is receiving and asks whether Allison was murdered. He also says that the killer will be caught.

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Mark says that he knew nothing beforehand about the case. He describes his impression of the killer’s appearance, including brown curly hair. He also says he believes that Allison had a second email account that the police are not aware of, and “it really feels to me that he’s going to slip up and end up behind bars.”

“Some of the information Mark has given with us, we’ll share with the Scottsdale police department,” says Jodi. “Maybe they can go forward with it. We just want some closure with this.”

If you have any information regarding Allison Feldman’s case please contact Silent Witness at 480-948-6377 or the Scottsdale Police Department at 480-312-5000.