A Parking Ticket -- In Your Own Driveway!?

Playing Ticket for Warming up the Car?

One Michigan man left his empty car running in his own driveway to warm up the engine – and came back to find a $128 ticket on the windshield. Is this a fair cop, or a bogus bust?

“The chief said it was a safety issue,” says Taylor, who is fighting the ticket with the help of a volunteer lawyer who heard his story. “But just leaving me a $128 ticket and not even knocking on the door so I could lock the car didn’t solve the safety issue!”

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Apparently, the police concern was that the car could be a tempting target for thieves, but ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork says, “It’s his property! His driveway! His car!” No one gets a ticket for leaving the front door of their home unlocked.

“I believe it was five degrees that day,” Taylor adds.

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Plastic Surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon has a few safety tips for viewers who warm up their own cars:

• Make sure the parking brake is set.

• Never leave a running car unattended on a hill.

• Try getting a spare key so you can lock the car in your absence to thwart thieves.