Instant Thigh Lift?

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Playing Instant Thigh Lift Put to the Test!

Can you get tighter thighs in seconds? Maybe not, but a new product promises to provide the illusion of smoother, sleeker thighs.

The miracle product? Clear adhesive strips that cling to the skin. The manufacturer claims users just need to stick them on for an instant thigh lift. Rosie Mercado and two audience volunteers have agreed to put them to the test. Rosie says she finds the idea intriguing, but “My only question is, what’s going to happen? Is this going to be a thing where we have to tape up our thighs all the time?”

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ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork checks back in with the brave volunteers. They both do think that they looik better in "after" pictures than "before." However, Joann says the strips were hard to put on. “You can’t just stretch your skin by yourself!” she laughs. “You need your girlfriends to help.” She also says that it feels like wearing a Band-Aid, and she says she has no interest in using the product again.

Laura adds, “The strip itself is so large and I have to put it so far down my leg that I can’t wear shorts or a short skirt without showing.” And that defeats the whole purpose of the product!

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To see the volunteers before and after, just watch the video below – would you try this thigh-tape fix?