Dating Practice through Virtual Reality?

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Playing Virtual Reality Dating App?

Can men hone their dating skills by interacting with a digital lady? Dating coach Magic Leone claims they can.

Would-be Romeos put on their virtual-reality glasses and practice their moves with a woman who responds to their overtures. Magic claims that the app “Teaches you the proper way of introducing yourself,” along with giving compliments, picking up the woman’s cues, and when to first touch her hair or make other overtures.

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Dermatologist Dr. Sonya Batra notes that when the app was first introduced, it referred to potential dates as “targets.” According to Magic, “It was an innocent mistake. In the video-game world, you use words like target so gamers will understand what you’re talking about.” It has since been changed.

The Doctors agree that none of them like calling women and teenage girls “targets.” They also wonder whether this is a healthy way to learn dating skills – they don’t want adolescents learning how to interact based on video games and drunken stars on reality-tv shows.

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“For me, if you have to use a virtual-reality app to learn how to communicate with the opposite sex, that’s not ideal!” says Dr. Travis Stork. “That’s the whole idea of interacting with people in real life. And hopefully you have friends you can have conversations with.” Real people aren’t going to be as predictable as a video game!