The Fart that Led to True Love?

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Playing Love at First Fart?!

Many people think that flatulence is the ultimate romance killer – but for one couple, it led them down the road to “I do.” Would you take the blame for your crush’s public fart?

Watch: Flatulence Explained

Louisiana college student Kate tweeted her parents’ unconventional love story. Mom passed gas at a party, and a young man gallantly took the blame. That guy kept her guilty secret for 25 years -- and became Kate's dad!

Her mom is embarrassed that Kate has spilled the beans after all these years, but The Doctors agree it’s a sweet story. And, after all, "holding it in” isn’t always possible or healthy.

Watch: Passing Gas or Saying "I Love You"

What do you think? Is public shame a small price to pay for meeting the love of your life? And would you fall for someone who took the fall for you – or would you be too embarrassed to ever look them in the face again?