Flood Safety

Flood Dangers Safety expert and host of HGTV's Over Your Head, Eric Stromer, explains how in the event of a flood, water can rise quickly, creating a dangerous situation almost instantaneously. If you live in a flood zone or near a water source, or want to be prepared in case of a heavy rain, follow Eric's flood safety tips to secure your home.
Bring outdoor furniture inside, because if floodwaters rise, furniture can block exits Turn off gas, electricity and water Stock up on water, food, prescriptions, etc. Have an emergency preparedness kit Stay tuned in to local radio or TV news

"Six inches of raging water coming through a corridor can actually knock you off your feet," Eric says. "Don't underestimate something that seems like a little, small eddy that's flowing across your property. That can take you out.

"A foot of water can actually stall a car and actually move that car," he continues. "Do not drive into flood areas. If you ever see that occurring, make sure that you stop the car, back up, get out and get to higher ground."

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork says that if you do find yourself in a car when water is flooding, make sure to lower the windows. "You want those windows open because that may be your only escape route," he says.

Eric demonstrates the ResQMe tool, which can help you escape if you are trapped in a car surrounded by flood water.

From mold cleanup to electrical safety, Eric and The Doctors explain what to do after a flood.

Electrical Dangers after a Flood
Beware of wet outlets and electrical cords Do not use electrical appliances that may have gotten wet Have an electrician check house wiring and appliances Use caution with wet-dry vacuums during post-flood cleanup