James Van Praagh Explains the Power of Love

Playing James Van Praagh Explains How Love and Fear Can Affect Your Health

Spiritual medium and bestselling author James Van Praagh joins The Doctors to discuss his 14th book, "The Power of Love," and the spiritual influence of love.

ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork asks what makes this book unique. James says that his prior work has focused on the spirit world, mediumship, and life after death. “We all are love. We are made from love,” says James. “It’s very different because it’s a way of living life through the choices we make every day.”

He believes that our souls return to earth to learn important lessons and develop. Choices are based on either love or fear – which he defines as “false ego appearing real.”

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James has a special surprise for Urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman – he hands her a copy of "The Power of Love" and notes that she’s mentioned on page 6! She is quoted talking about her desire for a loving relationship, and Dr. Stork observes to her, “You’ve talked openly about this on the show. I think it’s important when we talk about health on our show … it’s such an important element of health and well-being, opening yourself up to love.”

Audience member Sonja is looking for a forecast for her love life. James suggests that her father was very important to her, and she needs to stop measuring men against her image of him -- “Love people for who they are, not who you want them to be.” He also urges her to be spontaneous and open to whatever the universe has in store for her.

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He offers Sonja a scholarship to his Internet school, to help her grow in her sense of self and self-love.

The book also includes 'power of love activation cards.' These cards are tools to focus the reader’s mind of different aspects of love. Pull a card at the beginning of the day and focus on 'caring,' 'commitment,' or 'humility.' “I love this!” concludes Dr. Stork.