College Fires President for Giving Homeless Student Shelter?

Playing College Fires President for Giving Homeless Student Shelter?

The president of a for-profit college in Kansas City, Missouri, was recently fired. His misconduct? Allowing a homeless student, who’d been living in the woods near school, to sleep in the college library when temperatures dropped below zero. How should schools handle homeless students?

“The cool thing is that the president said he would do it again,” notes ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork. “I applaud you!” Plastic Surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon points out that the student’s life would have been in danger if he’d stayed outside – this act of charity might have been a literal lifesaver.

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Legal Expert Areva Martin wonders if we’re hearing the whole story. “This stinks to me,” she says. “It seems like a case where maybe this university wanted to get rid of the president for some totally different reason.” She concludes, “I hope he gets a lawyer!”

Dr. Stork believes, “When you put profits -- and this is true in health care, this is true in education – when you put profits ahead of the needs of your students, your patients, you shouldn’t be in that business.”

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Areva notes that homelessness is a huge issue all over the country. The school missed a chance to get fantastic positive publicity by helping this student.

Dr. Ordon believes that people need to be careful about which school they choose to attend and encourages viewers to do their homework on a school before you commit your tuition dollars!