Going to the Bathroom in a Bridal Gown Just Got Easier!

Playing Bathroom Friendly Bridal Gowns?

Bridal gowns are lovely, but they usually aren’t designed to make it easy to get around – or to answer the call of nature. Psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser admits that at her own wedding, her friends cautioned her, “Do NOT drink any water! If you go to the bathroom, you’re taking six people with you.”

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But the going may get easier with a new product, the Bridal Buddy. Looking like a petticoat, the gauzy white garment is worn under the bridal dress. When nature calls, the bride can pull up your dress and use the drawstring hidden in the Bridal Buddy’s hem to gather up all those skirts and keep them out of the way.

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon points out that this invention is doing grooms a favor as well! “I remember my wedding night. I remember with that wedding dress, there were a lot layers to get through! It was like peeling an onion!”

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Stacy notes that brides will feel more comfortable staying hydrated throughout their big day if they’re wearing a Bridal Buddy. And that’s good for everyone.