8 Breast Cancer Signs to Look For

Playing Mom’s Viral Breast Cancer Warning!

One woman’s Facebook post provides a valuable reminder that not all breast cancer looks alike. Her message included a photo showing subtle dimples on the underside of a cancerous breast has gone viral.

Breast Surgeon Dr. Kirsti Funk joins The Doctors to share eight subtle signs that could indicate breast cancer. The list is easy to remember when you do self-exams: four things to look for, and four things to feel. Finding any one of them is a cue to see your doctor.

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Stand topless in front of a mirror, raise your arms, and look for the following:

• Any change in size or shape of one breast

• Skin redness, thickening, or roughening – an “orange peel” texture is a telltale sign

• Puckering or dimpling, even if it’s subtle

• The nipple becoming inverted (flat or pulled in)

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Examine your breasts for:

• Lump or thickening that feels different from the rest of the breast

• Swelling at the armpit or around the collarbone

• Constant pain in the breast or armpit while doing the exam

• Bloody discharge when you squeeze the nipple, or any discharge without squeezing

Kylie, who made the original post, is now cancer-free because she noticed one of these signs and visited her doctor. They could save your life as well.