Three Free Ways to Look Fab!

Playing Three Free & Easy Wardrobe Upgrades

TV Host Arthel Neville shares three ways to step up your style without spending a cent!

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• Pack out-of-season items in a suitcase. Free up closet space by filling your luggage – it takes up just as much room empty as it does full, so put it to work. When you can see your seasonal clothes, it’s easier to choose an outfit.

• Wrangle your hanger straps. Many dresses and tops come with sewn-in loops to keep them on the hanger. Arthel hates them and cuts them off – but if you can’t bear to snip them, pin them out of the way with baby safety pins so they don’t dangle through your neckline and ruin your look.

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Don’t ditch your pilly sweaters! Shave the pills away with a plain everyday disposable razor. Don’t use too much pressure. Arthel recommends practicing on a second-best sweater somewhere where it doesn’t show, like under the arm, before taking a razor to your most treasured cashmeres.