Would You Pay for a Stranger's Breast Implants?

Playing Crowdfunding for Breast Implants?

People have increasingly turned to crowdfunding sites for help with medical bills and emergency costs. One new site will let charitable strangers pay for – women’s breast augmentation surgery!?

Hollie funded her surgery via the site myfreeimplants.com. Dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee wants to know how the site works. Hollie says women can make a free profile then post photos and a bio. “All you do is start sending messages to other users on there. You can comment on their photos or comment on their blogs. It’s a great way to meet people online and meet new friends!”

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Legal Expert Areva Martin points out that some of the women’s pictures and videos on the site are very risqué. But Hollie says, “I just talked about my life and my job. It’s different for everyone on there.” She compares donating to buy breast implants for strangers to pledging to support a charitable fundraising marathon. “It’s just to help somebody feel better about themselves.”

“Something doesn’t compute for me,” says ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork. Areva says that Hollie seems pretty self-aware, but younger or more naïve women might feel pressure to send sexier picture than they really want to.

Pyschotherapist Dr. Mike Dow adds, “For me, I like the ‘Go Fund Me’ for people that are really struggling. I don’t know that this is the best charitable donation online.” He worries that it will attract people with body dysmorphic disorder, who tend to seek out plastic surgery in great numbers.

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The Doctors agree that Hollie seems to have a good head on her shoulders, but this concept in general has a lot of potential for abuse.

“Men out there,” concludes Dr. Stork, “If you have an extra thousand dollars or five thousand dollars – donate it to breast-cancer research. Do something meaningful with it.”