Best Treatment for a "Bible Bump"?

Playing Live “Bible Bump” Aspiration

Ganglion cysts or “Bible bumps” are a common nuisance. Doctors’ staff member Jetaun has hers removed live on set by plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon and hand surgeon Dr. Michael Zarrabi!

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“Ganglion cysts are the most common bumps that we see on the hand,” Dr. Zarrabi explains. The folk treatment for ganglion cysts is to whack them with a heavy object, like the family Bible. This treatment is NOT recommended!

Instead, Dr. Zarrabi numbs the spot and then uses a large needle to aspirate the fluid filling the cyst. “These cysts are filled with synovial fluid, which is a little like motor oil for our joints and our tendon sheaths,” Dr. Ordon tells us.

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30 to 50 percent of these cysts will return after they’ve been aspirated, but Dr. Zarrabi says that it’s worth aspirating them three or four times before resorting to surgery.

Jetaun’s cyst has deflated, and she’ll wear a bandage and a splint for a couple of weeks to reduce the chances of it returning.