Inside the Birthing Suites of the Stars!

Playing Special Report: Inside Hollywood’s Deluxe Maternity Suites

Take a peek at the way celebrities welcome their bundles of joy. ER physician Dr. Travis Stork and lifestyle expert Moll Anderson give us a glimpse of the luxury VIP birthing suites at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles!

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From Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson to Kate Hudson and Victoria Beckham, A-listers reportedly look to these suites for amenities like gift baskets, juice bars, and a personal doula to help with newborn and postpartum maternal needs.

The suites are spacious, with plenty of room for friends and family to visit mom and her baby, and the décor is elegant. Check out the recessed lighting and color-coordinated décor.

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The pricetag? Reportedly almost $4,000 a day. But money is no deterrent to these famous mommies-to-be – the suites are booked far in advance. Even Kim Kardashian found herself out of luck with her first child when the baby arrived early and there was no suite available!