Tips to Prepare for a Disaster

Playing 3 Things to Keep in Your Emergency Kit!

Earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, and fires – no matter where we live, we need to be prepared for one disaster or another. Special Deputy Sheriff Lou Ferrigno – the original “Incredible Hulk” – joins The Doctors to tell us what we need to have on hand for emergencies:

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• Cling Wrap. Regular household plastic wrap can be applied over a bandage to keep a wound dry and clean.

• StopsBleeding. This powdered product can be applied directly to an open wound to stop bleeding without a tourniquet. It’s a short-term measure to prevent blood loss without a tourniquet until the injured person can receive medical care. ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork adds that in an emergency situation, pressure on an injury is your first line of defense to keep a wounded person from bleeding out.

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• LifeStraw. This personal water-filtration device is used like a drinking straw – it filters out bacteria and protozoans as water is sucked through it.

Some basic supplies can keep your family safe when disaster strikes!

Lou Ferrigno is a spokesperson for StopsBleeding and LifeStraw.