Mom's Seizure Caught on Camera

Playing Mom Has Seizure Holding Baby?

A quick-thinking retail clerk may have saved a baby’s life – would you know what to do in an emergency like this one?

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A security camera captured a dramatic convenience store moment. The clerk was checking out a mother who was holding her young infant, when she noticed something seemed odd. The mother’s eyes were glazed and her motions became jerky – the clerk lifted the baby from her arms and grasped the woman’s arm to support her, moments before she slid to the floor in the throes of a seizure. Then she called 911 and attended to the mother until help arrived.

“Some of the craziest things I’ve seen outside the ER have happened to people have had seizures in front of me,” says ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork. Seizures aren’t predictable and can happen at any time.

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The most dangerous seizure incidents occur when someone is driving or holding a child – if you’re present, “You’ve got to take over the reins as much you can.” Breaking a seizing person’s fall, as Rebecca did, can also save their life. “This is one time you really can be a good Samaritan,” Dr. Stork points out.

The security footage also shows a customer dropping his items and rushing to help Rebecca and the seizure victim. The Doctors agree that this incident is a heartwarming example of strangers doing the right thing without hesitation – and they hope we’d all do the same.