Driving Safety

Don't Text and DriveSending text messages from your cell phone while driving has become one of the greatest dangers on the road. One out of every four auto fatalities is related to the use of a cell phone or texting, a statistic that tops 10,000 per year.

A recent study reveals that driving while texting is just as lethal as driving while under the influence. In fact, you are 23 times more likely to be in an accident if you are texting behind the wheel. Watch the shocking video.

Driving and Texting DemonstrationErin, a college student, confesses that she texts and drives frequently. She agrees to undertake a Drive Square’s driving simulation test to see how well she fares behind the wheel while she texts.

See how texting impairs driving.Learn about the DriveCam surveillance device to monitor teenage drivers.

Car Escape

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork demonstrates how to use two different car escape devices. The Nov8 LifeHammer and ResQMe both allow a person to cut through a seatbelt and break the glass in their car.

Watch how it's done!Learn about Spring driving dangers.

Accident Safety Tips:

  • After an accident, pull out of traffic and turn off your ignition
  • Call the police
  • Do a first-aid check on everyone in your car
  • Call 911, if medical aid is required
  • If necessary, apply first aid
  • Unless your car is on fire, do not move injured passengers, as you may aggravate injuries
  • Turn on your hazard lights and mark the scene with flares or cones
  • Gather the names of everyone in all vehicles involved in the crash, as well as any witnesses

Driving While High
Priscilla, 25, uses medical marijuana under doctor's supervision to manage her chronic pain after a car accident. She volunteers to put smoking marijuana and driving to the test in a simulation to show just how dangerous it can be.

See how marijuana impairs Priscilla's
ability to drive


The Doctors explain how the drug
affects driving skills.

Drunk Driving
If you think you're OK to drive after imbibing in a spirit or two, think again.

See the shocking results of The Doctors' drunk driving health experiment. 

Learn the dangers of driving drunk and how to tell if you're intoxicated.

Driving While SickIs driving while sick just as dangerous as driving drunk? A study by a United Kingdom-based car insurance company, Young Marmalade, and Cardiff University in Wales found that the driving skills of people who drove while sick dropped an estimated 50 percent, as compared to healthy drivers. The study found that the reduced reaction time and concentration in those who were sick was similar to driving after consuming four shots of whiskey.

Nigel Lacy, a representative from Young Marmalade, joins The Doctors by phone to explain the shocking results.

“The results, due to the poor reaction times, are identical [between driving drunk and driving while sick],” Nigel says.

“We all know that there’s a difference between a mild cold, where there’s just the annoying sniffles and congestion, and when you have a full-on episode of the flu with fever and headaches, and you just don’t think right and you don’t even sound as though you’re making sense,” Dr. Travis says. “That’s probably the time you don’t want to get behind the wheel.”

Fender Benders
Car accidents can be scary and expensive. Lindsay, 26, was in a fender bender four months ago, and while she, fortunately, didn't get hurt, she was shaken enough to forget to take down the other driver's insurance information. She has tried to contact him, but to no avail, and doesn't know what to do.Loni explains that if your insurance policy has uninsured motorist property damage coverage, it will cover the damage, and you probably won't even have to pay a deductible.

If you are in an accident, make sure to take pictures of any damage and collect contact and insurance information from the other driver.

Learn what to do if someone is hit by a car.

Car Safety Tips
Car enthusiast and host of HGTV's Overhaulin', Adrienne Janic, shares vital tips about what you should keep inside your car in case of an emergency.

Adrienne's tire safety tips.

• Keyless car systems allow you to start a car without putting a key into the ignition, but if you forget to push the button to turn it off, it could have life-threatening consequences. The Doctors explain the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning from a still-running car, and the warning signs to look for.

Flood Safety
Home improvement guru, safety expert and host of HGTV's Over Your Head, Eric Stromer, explains how in the event of a flood, water can rise quickly, creating a dangerous situation almost instantaneously.

"A foot of water can actually stall a car and actually move that car," Eric says. "Do not drive into flooded areas. If you ever see that occurring, make sure that you stop the car, back up, get out and get to higher ground."

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork says that if you do find yourself in a car when water is flooding, make sure to lower the windows. "You want those windows open because that may be your only escape route," he says.

Eric demonstrates the ResQMe tool, which can help you escape if you are trapped in a car surrounded by flood water.