Don't Put Off this Purse Clutter Makeover!

Playing Declutter Your Purse Today!

Unclutter your environment and unclutter your mind! Psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser shares three ways to tame the clutter in your handbag.

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• Untangle earbuds and charging cords, then wrap them into neat coils and tuck them in your glasses case alongside your specs or sunnies.

• Never lose another gift card! Punch a hole in the corner of each card, and put them on a key ring. Cut them off when you’re done.

• Tuck feminine hygiene products into a pencil case to keep them out of the way and out of sight.

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ER Physician Dr. Travis stork reminds us, “It’s true! Decluttering your life, your purse, all that stuff – does improve your mental health.”