Would You Crash Your Kid’s School Dance?

Playing Dad Crashes Daughter’s School Dance!

Family togetherness is great, but did this dad go too far? Utah dad Judd showed up at daughter Beth’s high-school dance with a camcorder, and her horrified reaction has gone viral.

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Beth and Judd join The Doctors to talk about the dad dance debacle.

“Are you two speaking to each other yet?” Plastic Surgeon Dr. Travis Ordon wants to know. Judd replies, “We’ve been cool since the beginning,” and Beth agrees. He explains that he was just carried away by how cute and happy his daughter looked in the moment. He had no idea the camera light would give him away!

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Pediatrician Dr. Tanya Altmann notes that this story has a happy ending, but “I think you really have to know your child. If a parent pulls a prank on their child for the sole purpose of embarrassing them in front of their peers or friends, I think that crosses a line.”