One Woman’s Hot Date Leads to a Purseful of Poop

Playing Woman Hides Poop for Love?

How far would you go to make sure a first date goes well? One woman was willing to fill her pocketbook with poo rather than embarrass herself in front of her beau – and she documented the whole ordeal on Twitter.

The unnamed lady accompanied her new gentleman friend home to his apartment. When nature called, she used his toilet – which didn’t flush. Panic led her to make a horrible decision: the poop ended up, carefully wrapped, in her handbag.

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It all ended happily, but The Doctors agree that no one should be picking up their poop and carrying it around. However, Urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman understands the woman’s dilemma. “In a moment of desperation, on the first date, and he knows it’s your poop – what do you do?” she wonders.

ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork is concerned about the health ramifications of this cover-up. “She reaches in the toilet and grabs the log – she’s going to have some remnants of feces on her hands!” he points out. And those are the hands she’ll be touching her date’s face with afterward if they share an affectionate moment. Hopefully, she had a thorough hand-wash in between.

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The Doctors agree that the best course is to fess up and tell the gentleman that his plumbing needs some attention. It might be embarrassing, but it’s better than getting caught smuggling waste products into his living room.

What do you think? Would you admit to your date that the unflushed floater in his toilet was your own, or would you try to hide the evidence?