The 'Sperminator' Returns with Exciting Baby News!

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The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

Last fall, The Doctors met hopeful mother Millye and Ari, the uber sperm donor who has become known as the “Sperminator.” Now Millye has given birth to twins, Max and Grace! The twosome were born prematurely but are doing well. They’re babies 23 and 24 for Ari, and he has 8 more on the way.

Says Millye, “I couldn’t ask for a better father for my children!” Ari was present for the birth, drove her home afterward, and met her family.

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However, not every donation has ended this happily. Ari has been served with several suits seeking child support for various offspring. “Some of the women went back on their word, and I’m helping to support some of the children,” he confirms. “But I came to terms with it and I’m helping to support my kids. There’s enough love to go around, even if there isn’t enough money!”

Legal expert Areva Martin says Ari is in a precarious legal position. His signed agreements with the mothers may not be legally binding, and because he stays involved with the mothers and babies they have strong cases against him. “Unlike when you go to a sperm bank and there’s an anonymous donor,” she explains, “he’s creating relationships with these parents.”

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“I’m taking risks, I get that,” responds Ari. “But I have a lot of joy in my life, and taking a little risk for that is well worth it.”

ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork wishes Air, Millye, and the tiny twins the best – and The Doctors are sending a pair of The Doctors onesies to the babies, while Pampers is providing a year of free diapers and wipes!