New Ways to Fight Allergies

Flight attendant Traci has a high-flying career, but her severe allergies are bringing her down.

Traci moved to Los Angeles a year ago hoping for allergy relief, but they’ve only gotten worse since then. She wakes up sneezing in the middle of the night and feels exhausted – she’s even missed work because of her allergies.

Family Nurse Practitioner Angela Patterson explains that “In the U.S., nearly 50 million people have allergies.”

“Sleep is such an essential part of our well-being,” adds Plastic Surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon. “And not getting a good night’s rest can affect alertness and overall health.”

Dr. Ordon explains that allergies occur when the immune system mistakes a harmless substance, like pollen or pet dander, for a dangerous one. The immune reaction produces inflammation in the sinus and airways.

Allergy triggers can produce sneezing, runny nose, itchy nose and throat, and itchy watery eyes.

Dr. Ordon has tips for allergy sufferers:

• Get tested, so you know your triggers.

• Try to limit your exposure.

• When you come in from outside, take a hot steamy shower to remove allergens and open your airways – adding essential oils like eucalyptus to the steam helps too.

• Try HEPA air filters to remove allergens, and dehumidifiers to curb mold.

Nurse Patterson adds that spicy foods can help clear your sinuses. And she recommends Xyzal Allergy 24HR, the newest over-the-counter allergy relief medication. Because it’s taken before bed, Xyzal works overnight and through the next day to fight allergies, “so you get both a good night’s sleep and a more productive day,” Nurse Patterson explains.

Clinical studies showed that 90 percent of allergy sufferers noticed improvement after using Xyzal for just one day.

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