The No Downtime Fix for Your Neckline

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Playing The No Downtime Neckline Fix!

The following material contains graphic images that may be disturbing. Parents are advised that these images may not be suitable for young children.

A Doctors staffer takes the plunge and tries plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon’s new under-chin lift.

Karyn has never been happy with the area below her jaw and consults Dr. Ordon. He recommends his less-invasive fix – he calls it the No Downtime Neckline fix!

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The procedure begins with a laser treatment to tighten the skin. Then Karyn is sedated and Dr. Ordon liposuctions fat from beneath her chin – the incision is only an eighth of an inch and can be closed with a single stitch. He injects some fat in along the jawline, applies a pressure bandage to reduce swelling, and Karyn is ready to get back to work.

Four days later, Karyn is in the studio audience to show off her results. “I’m very happy!” she says. “I feel great.”

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The best candidate for this sort of procedure is someone younger, with good skin tone, and in good health. The price tag is around $5,000 and Dr. Ordon teases Karyn, “You owe me one!”