Could Breast Implants Be Linked to Cancer?

Playing Cancer from Breast Implants?

Women with breast implants may be at a higher risk for a rare cancer, according to an FDA announcement. Plastic Surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon says, “This big news in my world, and for any woman who’s gotten breast implants – whether it’s for cosmetic reasons or reconstruction.”

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Dr. Ordon clarifies that this is not a correlation with breast cancer, but a blood cancer called anaplastic large cell lymphoma. When an implant is placed, a woman’s body forms a capsule of biofilm around it – this is where the cancers may occur.

Breast implants come in smooth and textured forms, and the majority of cases have occurred in women with textured implants. The number of cases has been small – only 359 so far.

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If you have implants, be aware of what type of implant you have. See your plastic surgeon regularly for check-ups – and if you see any changes in your breast size, shape, or texture, or if you notice inflammation, see your doctor immediately!