Are Your Neighbors Sharing Their Toxic Smoking Habits with You?

Playing Is Your Apartment Filled with Secondhand Smoke?

You may be a nonsmoker, but are your neighbors sharing their bad habit with you? It’s estimated that nearly half of apartment-dwellers are exposed to smoke from a neighboring unit. And with 69 toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke, that’s a big deal.

A recent lawsuit in New York City may change all that. A resident sued her co-op building because she was being subjected to smoke from her neighbors’ cigarettes – and won. This ruling is likely to make landlords and homeowners’ associations think twice about allowing smoking in their units.

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Attorney Areva Martin says, “Lots of people are living in apartments where something like this might be going on, so that’s why this is so ground-breaking.” Whether it’s smoke or toxic chemicals, apartment building owners are responsible to protect their tenants from hazards.

ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork says, “I do empathize and feel for a smoker who has not yet kicked the habit.” Maybe apartment buildings will add a smoking lounge – but that might not solve the problem, since smoke can still escape into the building.

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The Doctors agree that the tide has turned against tobacco. Smoking laws are getting tougher all the time. This is just one more reason to quit the habit.