Is It OK to Bare It All with Your Kids?

Playing Should Parents Let Kids See Them Naked?

Former "Playboy" Playmate Kendra Wilkinson has said that she would let her 6-year-old son see her Playboy pictorial. Is it healthy to share THIS much intimacy with our kids?

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Dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee thinks it’s fine for kids to see their parents nude – if you’re sensitive to the child. “You really have to pay attention to the cues of the children.” Psychologist & sex therapist Dr. Chris Donaghue agrees. Attorney Areva Martin, however, how finds the whole idea inappropriate.

The Doctors agree that seeing provocative nude photos of your mother in a magazine is a little different than seeing family members changing clothes.

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The Doctors' takeaway is that family nudity is probably not harmful, if everyone involved is comfortable with it. But it’s better to keep your sexy pictures to yourself until your kids are old enough to deal with idea … if they ever are!