Adopted Sisters from India Return after Their Life-Changing Makeovers!

Playing Sisters' Incredible Makeover: Roopa’s Nose

Previously, The Doctors met Kristen, who adopted her two little girls from India, Roopa and Munni. Both girls were considered unadoptable because of severe facial scarring – Roopa was actually missing much of her nose. Kristen adores her daughters: “They are hands-down the best thing that’s ever happened to me!” she tells us.

The Doctors arranged for both little girls to receive facial reconstructive surgery. A year later, how are Munni and Roopa doing?

Roopa has a nasal prosthesis, created by facial prosthesis specialist Dr. Gregory Gion, which replaces the lost areas of her nose. It has to be reapplied every say – says Dr. Gion , “I give a lot of credit to Roopa and the whole family, Kristen especially, for taking this challenge on.”

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Roopa will need new prostheses as she grows and as they wear out.

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jon Mendelsohn performed two procedures to lesson Munni’s scars. “Munni is all about fashion, style, hairstyles!” he laughs, and now the scars on her scalp and face aren’t holding her back.

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Kristen and her girls are thrilled with the outcomes, and touched by the care they've received. “Dr. Jon and Dr. Greg were willing to do whatever it took,” says Kristen. To celebrate, The Doctors are sending the whole family to Disneyland!

“They had some pretty horrible things happen to them,” Kristen tells The Doctors through her tears, “But I told Munni, this is a physical way to leave your past behind -- and your future is wide open.”