Mom with Bulging Eyes Who Could Barely Blink Undergoes a Transformation!

Playing One Woman’s Corrective Bulging Eye Surgery

The following material contains graphic images that may be disturbing. Parents are advised that these images may not be suitable for young children.

Maria developed Graves’ disease four years ago during her second pregnancy. She noticed her eyes seemed to be enlarged – and after her son was born, the problem became worse.

Now her eyes protrude so far that she can’t blink completely, so her eyes are chronically dry. Her lower lashes are growing in and further irritating her eyes. 

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“To me, she’s always just as beautiful. She has so much to offer,” says her husband, Andres. But Maria no longer feels beautiful. Her bulging eyes make her self-conscious and she avoids school events so she won’t embarrass her children.

Oculoplastic Surgeon Dr. Mehryar Taban has volunteered to help Maria. He performs orbital decompressions on both of Maria’s eyes, removing bone around the eyeball and fat behind it to make more room for the eye inside the socket.

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After a month to recover, Maria gets a glam makeover backstage and joins The Doctors and she’s smiling again as she shows off the results of the procedure.

Dr. Taban explains that Graves’ disease is most common in the first trimester of pregnancy, just when it developed for Maria. Graves’ can’t be cured, but with treatment, it can be managed. If you notice your eyes beginning to protrude, see the doctor as soon as possible!

ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork says, “The message here is, there’s always hope.”