Is Widow's Sudden Weight Gain Wreaking Havoc on Her Health?

Playing Heartbreaking Loss Ruined a Young Widow’s Health

Her wedding to Jerrod was the happiest day of Latoya’s life – but it was followed by tragedy. Just two months after they married, Jerrod noticed some tightness in his chest. He was only 31 and in great shape, but a week later he went into cardiac arrest and passed away before Latoya could get to the hospital to see him.

Although her loss was more than a year ago, Latoya feels worse than ever. She no longer goes out and has gained 45 pounds. She is worried that her grief is adversely affecting her health in a serious way.

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The Doctors has assembled a team to help Latoya start living again. Life Strategist Gary Coxe urges her to take off her wedding ring because it represents living in the past. “The ring is not going to bring him back,” Latoya realizes.

Nutritionist Dr. Melina Jampolis and Cardiologist Dr. Mehran Khorsandi each give Latoya a complete workup. Dr. Jampolis finds that, in spite of her weight gain, Latoya is malnourished. She’s starving herself all day and eating sweets all night – no fruits, vegetables, or good protein sources.

“You can’t address emotional health if you don’t address these physical issues,” ER Physician Travis Stork.

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Dr. Khorsandi says that Latoya’s symptoms of dizziness, tingling, and racing heartbeat are real, but she is suffering from mild PTSD and panic attacks. Her heart is healthy.

To help Latoya reclaim her health and her life, she’ll be receiving 36 free training sessions with Zan Hamilton, and six months of healthy food deliveries from Hello Fresh.