Is That “Perfect Peach” Booty Real?

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The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

Instagram star and fitness model Abby Pollock is proud of her derriere – but some fans have claimed she had surgical help achieving it. A few years ago, Abby’s bottom looked quite different; she herself calls it “a pancake.”

So Abby’s not surprised by the controversy, and she says she does have a secret: “Diet and exercise! I got serious about fitness.” Surgery, though? No way. Abby guarantees, “This ‘peach’ is 100 percent organic.”

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon is ready to get to the bottom of the controversy, with an ultrasound investigation. The transformation is dramatic, but is it all Abby? Watch the reveal to find out!

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Abby reveals that she was struggling with a serious eating disorder at the time her “before” pictures were taken. “I think I weighed in the 105, 110 range – on a good day,” she admits. “I was checked out of life.”

She realized she needed to make a change, and around that time she discovered weight lifting. “Instead of encouraging you to be smaller or to be less, this community encouraged you to be more.”

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“I think it’s beautiful what you’ve done, and you look really healthy,” says Rosie Mercado. She wants to make sure, though, that we don’t shame women who HAVE chosen cosmetic changes. Rosie herself has had a fat transfer to that area, and she’s pleased with the results.

Abby points out that a lot of how your bottom looks in photos has to do with your pose – she teaches The Doctors how to create the best rear view! And watch below to learn her favorite glute-toning tip for your own workouts. She has lots more fitness and firming how-tos on her Youtube channel, “Fitness for Real People.”