A Life-Changing Gynecomastia Makeover

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Playing Man Whose Chest Was Ruining His Life Returns after Life-Changing Surgery

The following material contains graphic images that may be disturbing. Parents are advised that these images may not be suitable for young children.

Gynecomastia sufferer Michael rejoins The Doctors – did solving his breast-tissue problem change his life?

Michael was a happy, healthy kid until he hit puberty. Then he suddenly began developing breasts -- and teasing, bullying, and isolation soon followed. Michael has been using duct tape and super glue to hide his problem, causing blisters and scarring. He’s avoided dating and turned to comfort eating and smoking, which just make him feel worse.

When Michael first visited The Doctors, he received a referral to Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dennis Hurwitz. Now The Doctors are eager to see the results! Is Michael’s life back on track?

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Dr. Hurwitz explains his surgical procedure to Michael. He uses a laser probe to disrupt the fat, applies ultrasound to tighten the excess skin, and removes the fat via liposuction. Because the liposuction procedure uses tiny incisions, there’s no major opening in Michael’s body – and because controlled radio-frequency energy is used to shrink the extra skin, recovery is easier and there’s no visible scarring.

“It’s all about sculpturing the body,” Dr. Hurwitz explains. “He’s a good-looking man!”

Michael says he’s working out and eating well – he’s thrilled with his new body. But, he admits, he still struggles with one unhealthy habit. “I still smoke. I really want to quit, it’s an issue with me,” he confesses.

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Doctor on Demand Dr. Tania Elliott has a solution! “Doctor on Demand offers a comprehensive smoking-cessation program,” she says, and they’re offering Michael three months of therapeutic support, behavioral and lifestyle counseling, and prescription medication if he needs it – all absolutely free!

In addition, Rivals Fitness in Youngstown, Ohio, is giving him a one-year membership and 40 sessions with a physical training, and Terra’s Kitchen is providing nutritional counseling and three months of pre-prepped meals delivered to his door.

Breast Surgeon Dr. Kristi Funk reminds us that although there are many causes of male breast growth, it can be a symptom of serious problems, including breast cancer – one percent of breast-cancer patients in America are men. If you notice any unusual symptoms, including abnormal breast growth, don’t put off seeing your doctor!

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