Find the Best Apps for Busy Moms

Playing Best Apps for Busy Moms

Dr. Tania Elliot, from Doctor on Demand,  is here to showcase cell-phone apps that help you win at the hardest job of all time – being a mom.

Tania describes Mommy Nearest as “like Yelp but for families.” The app helps moms find kid- friendly restaurants and other locations and includes user reviews. It also showcases events and special savings for kids. Tania says it’s especially helpful when you’re in an unfamiliar area and need something to do with the little ones!

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Next up is Urban Sitter – it takes the hassle out of finding a last-minute babysitter in your area. All sitters are tested. You can handle the whole transaction online. “Like babysitter Uber!” says Plastic Surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon.

Doctor on Demand lets you avoid waiting rooms. Kids get sick at inconvenient times, but Doctor on Demand is available 24/7. The app lets you make a real-time video visit with a board-certified physician, including primary-care physicians and pediatricians. If a prescription is needed, it’s sent electronically to a local pharmacy – it will be waiting when the call is over. “It’s like you have a doctor in your pocket, available at all times!” Tania explains.

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