Exterminator-Approved Tips to Avoid a Close Squeak with a Rat

Playing Rat & Mouse Infestation: What to Do!

Nick Isaac of Bio Con Pest Control is here with some tips if you find a rat – eek! – in your home.

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• The key is to trap the rat, rather than chase it.

• Snap traps work better than glue.

• Rats can’t resist crunchy peanut butter. Put a smear on the trap trigger (but keep your fingers clear!).

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• Place the trap with the trigger side near a wall – rats are so fast they can dart in and out before the trap snaps if they have a clear path to escape.

• But best of all, keep rats from getting inside in the first place! Block any holes giving access to the interior of your home from outside.

• Rats can squeeze through an opening the size of a quarter, so look for even small cracks and holes.