Fire Escape Plan

Fire Escape Plan

Directgov's Fire Kills campaign explains the importance of having an escape plan in the event of a fire.

At-home fire drills

Fire Preparedness The Doctors asked their Twitter followers if they usually ignore fire alarms in public places such as hotels, office buildings or nightclubs, and 25 percent of respondents said they do ignore the alarms.

Captain Vince Rifino, of the Glendale, California Fire Department, shares essential fire safety tips that could save your life if you are in a building during a fire. "Take ownership of your own safety," Capt. Rifino says.

• Take notice of the closest exits when you enter a building
• Locate the fire extinguisher • Have a fire exit plan prior to entering a building, such as designating a meeting point outside with friends

"And once you get out [of the fire]," he adds, "do not go back in."

Stop, Drop and Roll
In case of a fire, stop, drop and roll is a well-known and effective fire safety technique. Capt. Rifino and pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears demonstrates what to do in case your clothes catch fire.