Nurse with Only 4 Teeth in Desperate Need of a Smile Makeover

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Playing Is There Hope For Nurse Seeking Smile Makeover?

Nurse Melody is a skilled professional and a mother of seven, but she says her missing teeth are a roadblock to career success and happiness.  Her dental troubles began about 20 years ago. Now she only has four teeth left, and her personal and professional life have been devastated.

Dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman has agreed to meet with Melody. His examination reveals serious obstacles to restoring her smile. “The problem is, she lost her teeth years and years ago,” he explains. The sooner patients get dental problems attended to, the better!  Melody has lost bone in her jaw because of the missing teeth, so implants or dentures may be hard to fit.

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Melody feels crushed by the news, but Dr. Dorfman assures her that he will work with a team to find a solution for her.

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Dr. Dorfman tells The Doctors that there is hope for Melody. “I'd like to put together my whole team of doctors and help you get the dental makeover you need.” He introduces his dental lab technician, Sam Malawi, who's been working with a team of technicians to make teeth for Melody. “You're not going to go home to Atlanta tomorrow looking like this,” he promises.

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The Doctors show Melody a depiction of how she'll look with her full set of teeth. Then Dr. Dorfman takes Melody straight from The Doctors studio to his dental office to give her her new smile!