Woman Shot in the Face Trying to Save Dad's Life

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Brittany was shot in the face while trying to stop her father from committing suicide.

“I received a phone call about the way my dad was acting,” she explains. She went to help him and found him holding a gun to his head. When she tried to pull the handgun away, it fired directly into her face. Brittany was in the hospital for two weeks. She needed three surgeries and suffers from headaches.There are skull and bullet fragments in her brain that could kill her if they shift.

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Trey, Brittany's husband, says, “My wife is always going to be beautiful to me but it was definitely different seeing the gunshot wound.”

“People, when they hear my story, look at me as a hero,” Brittany says. “But I don't see myself as a hero – I didn't want to lose my dad.”

“I love how you are,” ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork tells Brittany. “You've remained so positive.”

“I would definitely do it all over again in a heartbeat. I'd rather have scars that last a lifetime instead of losing my dad!” she replies.

Brittany's dad is in better spirits but was arrested for the incident. “He didn't lose his life, but I lost him until it all gets figured it out.," she says.

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Dr. Stork thinks Brittany looks amazing. It's all thanks to Plastic Surgeon Dr. Kimberly Carpin, who happened to be on the scene when Brittany arrived in the hospital. “Her injuries were quite devastating,” Dr. Carpin tells him. There were even pieces of brain on her face. Amazingly, Brittany was awake and alert and answer questions.

Dr. Stork reminds us, “This wasn't years ago – this is just over a month ago.” Neurosurgeon Dr. Brian Walcott has reviewed her scans. He shows us how close Brittany came to death. 90 percent of people who suffer a gunshot wound to the head don't survive.

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Psychotherapist Dr. Mike Dow asks if Brittany is anxious. She says she does have anxiety but had it before the incident as well.

But now she has to take new precautions – she can't have an MRI because there's a titanium plate in her head, so she's terrified she might be in a car accident and get rushed into an MRI. She also has to regulate her temper. “I'm hot-headed to the fullest, so I have to continue to keep cool when someone irritates me.”

Dr. Stork assures her that if she is in an accident, they will know not to place her in an MRI.

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“It's OK to say 'this is hard for me and I'm sad,'” Dr, Dow encourages her. It's also hard for her to go out in public because of the scars on her face. Dr. Dow wants her to be able to tell her family when it's hard, and he recommends therapy to help her deal with the aftermath.

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The Doctors reached out to Psychologist Rochelle Bridges of Friendswood Family Counseling, and she will provide 30 therapy sessions for Brittany and her family if they choose to use them. Jolie Vue Farms in Houston will also provide organic meat delivered to Brittany and Trey's home for a year, and Balance by Bistro MD will give them six months of weekly healthy meal deliveries.

“Most of all, we hope for you to have a healthy recovery,” Dr. Stork concludes.