The Drs. Saved My Vision

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Krystyn is only 28, but she's been slowly losing her vision for years. She has been diagnosed with the rare eye disorder keratoconus and early-onset glaucoma. Things took a turn for the worse when her retina ruptured.

With the fading of her eyesight, she's lost her independence and hasn't been able to work. She loves to read but is no longer able to. Alex, her mom, worries about her daughter's safety and future.

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Krystyn visited The Doctors earlier this season, and they referred her to Eye Surgeon Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler, who has pioneered a treatment for keratoconus.

When surgery day arrives, Dr. Boxer Wachler explains his three-step process to Krystyn and her mother.

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Working under a microscope, he inserts implantable ring segments in Krystyn's corneas to support them. Then he performs a conductive keratoplasty, in which concentrated points of heat reshape the cornea. Finally, he uses Holcomb C3-R, a non-invasive procedure he created, to strengthen the cornea.

Krystyn is awake throughout the whole operation, which only takes about 14 minutes. Immediately afterward, Krystyn can read print and recognize Dr. Boxer Wachler's face.

A few days later she returns to The Doctors. “I can see you!” she tells ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork – and adds, “I can see why you were on 'The Bachelor'!”

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“What does it feel like to see your daughter see again?” Dr. Stork asks Alex. She is almost speechless but is able to say, “There aren't any words. You've given her life back!”

Dr. Boxer Wachler says Krystyn's keratoconus is fully treated and there should be no further issues with her vision. “She's going to have a whole world and life ahead.”

Krystyn tells The Doctors that she's most looking forward to seeing her boyfriend, Matthew. They've been together five years and she's never seen him clearly!

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The Doctors have a few surprises in store. HarperLuxe is giving Krystyn a new library of large-print books that won't strain her eyes, worth $1,250. They've also reached out to cruise line Royal Caribbean International, who has arranged a seven-night Caribbean adventure for two, including excursions, worth $9,000. “Now that you can see again, we want you to explore the world,” says Dr. Stork. “And I think your story highlights, never, ever give up hope.”

And there's one final surprise for Krystyn! Watch below and see what she sees.