The Modern-Day Bruce Lee?

Playing Modern Day Bruce Lee?

Martial-arts star Alexander Wraith joins The Doctors to talk about his self-transformation from a bullied kid to a record-breaking athlete. Now he's known as “the new Bruce Lee.”

Alexander kicks at a blistering 76 miles an hour – as ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork observes, most people would dislocate their knees kicking that fast. Alexander admits that he nearly threw out his kneecap during the filming of his new documentary.

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Plastic Surgeon Dr. Andrew Orton points out that focused practice has made Alexander's leg muscles tougher and more resilient. “Flexibility is what gives you the speed and power,” Alexander explains. “It's not just the strength.”

Mental strength is even more important, and Alexander credits his mother for inspiring him. He was beaten up and picked on as a child, so she put him in martial arts classes.

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“Whatever you want you can achieve, it's just that you think it and then you apply it,” he says. “It might not happen the first time, the 30th time, the hundredth time – but the 201st, you'll think 'Oh my God, I did this!'”