Fireplace Safety

Stay Safe while Enjoying the FlamesTwenty percent of accidental fires occur in the home, so be sure to take precautions before using the fireplace. The Doctors explain essential fireplace safety tips.

• Keep objects at least 2 feet away from the fire, because sparks can ignite a fire.
• Keep the chimney flue open so smoke can flow out, rather than into the room.
• Always place a screen in front of burning logs.
• Don't stack too many logs in the fireplace, because they can roll out.
• Do not leave children unattended near a lit fireplace and don't let them throw objects into it. Also, do not let them touch the screen or glass covering the fire, as they can become extremely hot.
• Avoid using liquid igniters such as kerosene, gasoline or lighter fluid.
• If you are using a gas fireplace, make sure you turn it off completely when you are done, because the gas emitted from it can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.
• Have your chimney inspected by a certified specialist and cleaned once a year.
• If you use a space heater, keep it away from anything that can catch fire, and unplug it when not in use.

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