The Camp Helping Kids with Cancer

Playing Camp Helping Kid Cancer Patients!

Parker is only 12 years old and she has already beat cancer is now helping to spread the word of the important work that Camp Ronald McDonald is doing to help other kids with cancer.

Doctors discovered a plum-sized tumor in Parker’s head and had it removed. Just months later, the tumor aggressively returned and she was forced to embarked on a grueling cancer battle from the age of 7 through 10 that included chemotherapy and over 20 surgeries. Her mom Kathy is overjoyed to tell The Doctors that they just recently celebrated 6 years of being cancer-free.

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One of the things that helped Parker endure her harrowing cancer battle was Camp Ronald McDonald’s Good Time program, which allows any child to attend the amazing camp who has been affected by cancer, including siblings of kids with cancer. She continues to return to the camp year after year.

Parker, her mom Kathy and Dr. Stephen Speicher, who volunteers at Camp Ronald McDonald, join the show. Kathy explains that the camp helped Parker to develop her independence and her confidence. As for Parker, she loves all the great activities the camp offers and how many new people she gets to meet each year.

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“Seeing that transformation is incredible, it truly is part of the cure for cancer,” Dr. Speicher says of seeing the kids go from being in the hospital to out in nature. He tells The Doctors the camp had helped inspire him to become a pediatric oncologist where he will continue to work with brave kids like Parker.

One of the camp's biggest fundraisers is the Walk For Kids, on April 2, where Parker’s team, aptly titled Team Parker, will raise money to help send more kids to Camp Ronald McDonald. Our friends at Splendid Blend and Booty Maxx surprise her with generous donations to her team’s effort. If you would like to contribute to the amazing cause, click here!