Can Dr. Nita Landry Get over Her Fear of Dogs?

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Playing Dr. Nita Landry is Scared of Dogs!

Our very own OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry confronts one of her biggest fears – dogs!

She reveals that she had been embarrassed about her irrational fear of our four-legged friends for years, but has decided to come forward and seek help. She believes the fear stems from her childhood when she explains that dogs would often chase her and thinks it’s a learned behavior.

“I have never touched a dog, ever,” she reveals. “Whenever I see a dog, my pulse speeds up and the only thing that I can think about is how to get away from that dog.” While some people might think their dogs are cute when she sees a dog – even a puppy – she thinks, “It looks like a monster!”

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Dr. Landry, who is a Los Angeles resident where dogs are very common, calls her fear annoying and often feels frustrated with her phobia. “I am tired of being afraid of dogs,” she explains.

The Doctors call on life strategist Gary Coxe to try and help Dr. Landry work through her fear. He explains that he will train her nervous system to respond in a different way to dogs than it has her entire life.

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Dr. Nita makes amazing progress with Gary and even holds a dog for the first time, but it was no easy task. “You know how something is awesome, it’s the opposite of that!” she says of the first time holding a dog. So did Gary help her finally get over her fear once and for all? Find out in the video below !