The ‘Down There’ Hair Transplant Trend!

Playing New Hair Transplant Down There?!

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

The Doctors weigh in on the latest personal grooming trend and examine how some people are looking to restore things to a more natural state.

After years of laser treatments and hair removal procedures, some people’s hair is a little patchy down south. With the trend of more hair taking hold, people are looking to fill out their less dense spots and have turned to hair transplants of the intimate variety. Board Certified Hair Restoration Surgeon, Dr. Craig Ziering joins The Doctors to break down a pubic hair transplant.

“It’s similar to the trend that happened to eyebrows, where people over-plucked for a long time because skinny eyebrows were in vogue and now they want thicker eyebrows. So, a similar situation has happened with laser hair removal and now the areas are patchy and people are uncomfortable with that,” he explains. He goes on to explain that certain cultures are also looking for more hair, like in Korea, 10 percent of the women are born with a condition where they never develop pubic hair and want to change that.

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Dr. Ziering says the procedure is similar to a typical hair transplant and the hair comes from the back of the patient’s head and then is transplanted to the pubic area into small incisions. The most requested pattern – yes there are pattern options – are either a shield or a fan shape, he says.

OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry brings up a valid point that anyone thinking of going completely bare down there might want to consider. “Mother nature very rarely gets things wrong. So you have to wonder, why did she leave hair down there? Perhaps the hair is there doing something – providing a cushion, to prevent irritation, maybe it’s a barrier to keep out bacteria?” she says.

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Dr. Ziering tells The Doctors the 3 top reasons people come in for a pubic hair transplant include, people who have never had hair down there, to cover up a scar from surgery, and to entice a partner that likes a fuller coif down below.

The Doctors’ takeaway: if you’re getting laser hair removal, consider it permanent!