Is Your Child's Lunchbox Filled with Bacteria?

Playing Is Your Kids' Lunchbox Contaminated?

With the gross statistic that 1 in 5 lunchboxes contain the bacteria staph and many fabric lunch sacks are breeding grounds for mold, The Doctors investigate just how dirty the average lunch box is.

Researchers have found that most lunch boxes test positive for mold, yeast and E. coli, which can cause various health issues like asthma and eczema.

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We investigated some of the lunch boxes of our staffers’ lunch bags and boxes to find out what might be lurking where they store their food.

The Doctors preface the results of our investigation with the fact that most types of mold and bacteria not a health risk to most people. ABC labs found that in our staffers’ lunch boxes that almost all of the tested lunch boxes contained mold. E.coli, staph and other various types of bacteria. We found that fabric lunch bags were dirtier than a plastic or metal lunch box.

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So when it doubt, wash that lunch box after using it and skip the reusable fabric option.