Can You Find Love Based on the Things You Hate?

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Playing What You Hate Helps You Find Love?

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

Could the secret to finding true love be more about what you hate and less about what you love? The Doctors investigate a new dating app all about hate!

The Hater app matches you with other users based on things you don’t like and allows you to weigh in on 3000 controversial topics like slow walkers, cheap tippers, and people who take butt selfies. The Doctors are joined by dating expert and “Get the Guy” author Matthew Hussey to weigh in on this new hateful approach to dating.

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“In some ways, hate is quite important. It distinguishes you from other people. If you say what you hate, understanding why you hate something is quite useful,” Matthew says.

Beyond the app’s tone, the dating expert doesn't think it goes far enough when it comes to revealing details about the user. “What you hate is not interesting Why you hate something is really interesting,” he contends. “People have to get to the why instead of the what. This is what this app doesn’t do.”

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He also questions the person who might be inclined to use this type of app, explaining, “I love being on a date and talking about something I don’t like… but the type of person this app would attract, to me, seems like might be quite unbearable.”

Plus-size model Rosie Mercado is not excited about the app’s approach, telling The Doctors, “I’m interested in common values. I want to know what you’re passionate about… if it’s already based on negativity. We’re already starting on the wrong foot.”

Where do you stand on the hateful approach to dating? For more with Mathew, check out the video below to find out his tips on how to craft the best dating profile.