Surprising Playground Dangers!

Playing Playground Hazards!

Here are a few surprising playground dangers that you need to be aware of to keep your children safe!

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The Doctors discuss a picture of a young girl that has gone viral after she came close to strangulation while climbing on the playground. The reason? Her drawstring hat got stuck and wrapped around her neck for several seconds. Luckily, the strap broke, however she could have broken her neck, suffocated, or strangulated. The Doctors recommend not letting your kids on the playground with a hats, sweatshirts or jackets that have drawstrings.   

Another thing The Doctors want people to be aware of is playground burns! Surprisingly, one-third of burns on the playground occur on equipment made of plastic, rubber, or other non-metal materials. The rubber mats that are now popular on many playgrounds and plastic slides can be surprisingly hot, leaving kids with burned and blistered feet. 

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Breast specialist Dr. Kristi Funk shares, "I have three little ones so I'm still spending a lot of time on playgrounds these days. You've got to feel the slide or the mat for more than a second." Dr. Funk recommends really holding your hand there for 5 seconds or longer and to test different areas to find if there's a hot spot. 

Hopefully, these tips help everyone play safe and have fun!